ocs_ng 安装

  1. Unpack it.
    tar –xvzf Ocsinventory-Agent-2.0.x.tar.gz
    cd Ocsinventory-Agent-2.0.x
  2. Check perl configuration with the script Makefile.PL. Its looks at the configuration of Perl, machine, libraries … and it generates the Makefile. During this step, we will create a temporary environment variable to install agent non-interactively.
    env PERL_AUTOINSTALL=1 perl Makefile.PL
    Exemple :
    Please install Crypt::SSLeay if you want to use SSL.
    Please install nmap or ipdiscover if you want to use the network discover feature.
    Please install Proc::Daemon and Proc::PID::File if you want to use the daemon monde.
  3. Compilation
    make install